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clumsy, loud, and unmotivated.

but thats okay.

10/15/09 08:45 am

Its rare that I write in this.
I should shut it down.

7/22/09 09:04 am - :]

I'm fucking ready to get out of virginia.
This commercial makes me happy.

thats really all thats going on.

7/2/09 09:59 am - ooples

Tim and I leave for the beach in 11 days. STOKED.
Birthday in 10.
My gallbladder is going crazy on me.
I really need to get a tan.
My dad's dog might have testicular cancer. Really bummed.
Corpsegringer needs his balls cut off.
He needs to be groomed too.
I'm stressed about money.
I still hate my job.
I need to start taking pictures again, I'm slacking. www.ragweedtall.deviantart.com.
I need to lose some weight too.
My life is pretty great. I love my tim. I love my friends. I love my pup.

6/22/09 10:41 am - dude

I havent posted anything in forever.

I'm quitting my job,
after deciding that everything worked itself out and im not misrible.

5/9/09 08:14 am - I cant help but feel like

you've said all of the same old things to your girlfriends past, I dont feel any different from them. we need to talk and we need to talk now.

5/7/09 03:46 am

I cant get this right

4/18/09 01:48 pm - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

its good again

4/11/09 03:41 pm - Sorry

its my fault you're in this rut.

4/8/09 04:52 pm - bummed

that i cant be better.
you're all i have, you're all i want.
i feel like i just make you misrible.

3/26/09 01:45 pm - So

I'm not sure whats going on.
I'm not sure how you feel.
I'm not sure what to say or how to say anything right.

Tim and I looked at houses the other day.
It made me real excited to start our lives together.
I'm not sure how he feels. Everyday he just seems to get more and more unhappy.
I feel like I dont make him happy even though I know that its because of his job.
It's really starting to get to me but I'm real unsure about whats going on.
I'm not sure how to talk to him about this. I keep trying but every time I do I end up saying fuck it and forgetting about it.

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